Pilates for body + soul

I love writing for body + soul, the awesome Sunday Telegraph liftout that focuses on health, fitness, and everything in between.

It is a great opportunity to share so much more that the Pilates Method can offer people towards living healthier and happier lives, and at the same time I get to work in studio with the fantastic body+soul team.

Shoot days are held at News Limited premises in Surry Hills Sydney, in one of the photographic studios. We usually have a set time frame and have done all the prep in advance to have a strict set of shots.

What we do first on the day is find the outfits from the selection that the stylist brings along. That can be daunting!… some of those exercise outfits get mighty teensy!

I do think it’s fantastic to have someone else choose your outfits for you though, otherwise I would probably pick the same sort of outfit each time. I guess we all have a leaning towards certain clothes, so to be put in something you would never choose for yourself and see it work is great fun.

Once the clothes are sorted it’s hair and makeup and then onto the concrete floor to pull off some Pilates moves. The massive readership numbers of body+soul are all the reason I need to draw the abs in extra deep all shoot!

Anyway, it’s a fun experience and here are some iphone piccies taken in the background of recent shoots.

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