NY NY … Pilates and Bette Midler make for a good stay in the big apple

Downstairs at Deborah Lessen's studio

A few fantastic workshops, daily workouts all over town, and seeing Bette Midler on Broadway … ah, in the words of Alicia Keys, “let’s hear it for New York!”

New Yorkers insist that it’s usually warm and muggy around now… so I didn’t pack my long boots. Whoops…rain, fog and cool weather started off our stay. KNEW I should have packed them!! Nevertheless, nothing can dampen the energy and vibe of this city.

First Pilates stop was at Deborah Lessen’s Greene St studio for an invite workshop and get the jetlag out of our bods. Deborah gave us a beautiful insight into Carola Trier’s footwork – firing up the feet, legs and whole body with magic cues and application borne of so much experience. I loved it all. The workshop began with with us signing our name on our handouts with a pen held in toes, writing from the little toe end…mine was illegible-oh dear.

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Steppin’ up with Deb L

Many varieties of balls, towels, footboards, Caddy and Tall Chair later, and our feet, legs and whole bods were alive … almost to the point of not being able to stand! We did manage to get home in one piece though.

Dinner with Rebekah Rotstein at Peasant that night certainly re-ignited the cylinders. With a nice chardy or two .. now that Rebekah knows what that is. Our Aussie lingo has her almost charmed, but perhaps a little more confused than charmed!

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Egg-In-A-Cloud, Brooklyn

Next day – weather fining up and even temps lifting a little – we jumped the A train to Brooklyn and, after a fabulous Egg-In-A-Cloud brekky, joined Blossom Leilani-Crawford at Bridge Pilates for a Small Props workshop.

Firstly re this Brooklyn stop in – I’ve been waiting to experience this Egg-In-A-Cloud since Lanette Gavran found it a few years ago, and it didn’t disappoint. Egg yolks nestled in whipped egg whites, with all the trimmin’s. Secondly, a small props workshop with Blossom is not your run of the mill experience.

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Lan & Blossom – Pilates Ugly Shoes and Straps!

I did Champagne Glasses with 1970’s McDonalds’s trays balancing on my feet; Lanette got strapped into the Ugly Shoes for some dynamite Hundreds and a Swan with straps; and we all whipped our butts in ways that sends you home all a-quiver.

Back to Deborah lessen for the next three days of sessions, was a real treat and great inspiration. Interspersed with lunch at Balthazar, Dinner at Whymm, bike riding around Central Park, shopping of course, and culminating in a fantastic night at the Booth Theatre watching Bette Midler give a tour-de-force performance as Sue Mengers in “I’ll Eat You Last”.

We arrived on Monday, and by Friday we had done all this and much, much more. Let’s hear it for New York!



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