Gale force winds … a Wullungtin spishul

Well, two days down and we have successfully shot all the segments for the Pilates showcase project I am here for. I have also explored the harbourside, Cuba St, Lambton Quay (speaking of Lamb.. I had beautiful NZ lamb last night. Yum!..). I have also been up and down hills with beautiful views and really lovely architecture set into the hillsides, and I have had great food and coffee. I also managed to buy a couple more icebreakers from the Cuba St shop. Fantastic NZ product!

Luckily we were filming inside as the day started today with tv warnings about the gale force winds this afternoon and evening. No one in Wellington seems to find this unusual, whereas I thought I was supposed to be concerned. But no. I was just warned not to bother with an umbrella – fair enough, they don’t do well in gale force winds!

So, our shoot went really well. Camera dude was very efficient and we got through in record time. I even had time to visit the gym attached to my hotel – the Les Mills (Lis Mulls) fitness centre. Smells like a boxing ring!… but good to blow out the cobwebs on a treadmill. With a quick stop at a local Japanese restaurant on the way home, I am now safely, warmly inside for the evening. Ready for some non-windy telly and a good sleep before a workshop in the morning.

All in all, a productive and fun coupla days so far in Wullungtin.

See you all soon.

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