Filming in Wellington .. or should I say ‘Wullungtin”!!

I arrived last night in the gorgeous city of Wellington NZ. My first time here and I have to say, the landing between hillsides of houses and then the drive in to the city centre, was all really lovely. No wonder I’ve heard so many “I love Wellington” catch cries from many people.

I am here to film classes for a new Aussie/NZ showcase of Pilates teachers that will launch later this year. Honoured to be asked to be in the launch round of the project, I will be filming about 4 segments over the next two days. Following which I am giving a live workshop to a big bunch of NZ’ers. Looking forward to all of it and hoping the camera is kind today!

We are scheduled to finish about 4pm today, so a quick divert to Cuba St for shopping may be immediate after then. I have been told reliably that it is a great street to get to.

Must run as my pick up is in 6 minutes. Have a good day everyone!

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